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HEBE Ecosystem on the Blockchain

HEBE forms an extensible and sustainable ecosystem that allows helpful interactions between individuals, health service providers and medical institutions through broader and safer circulations of genetic data.
Read more about our business models and how blockchain technology can be applied and integrated into services with your DNA data.


The stepping stone for reliable and detailed personalization.
GeneBank is the database foundation upon which everyone’s secured genomic and health data can be analyzed and distributed for the application and development of personalized services.
2019 Q3
  • HEBE Joint Venture setup/initialization for cosmetics, nutritions and genetic analysis
  • HEBE Media Platform Development
  • HEBE Beauty App Development
  • HEBE investment operation initiation
2019 Q4
  • Fundraising completion
  • Participation on DTC Pilot project
  • PoC of genetic data sharing mechanism on blockchain
  • HEBE Media Platform Launching
  • HEBE Beauty App for Mobile
2020 Q1
  • HEBE Clinic Open
  • HEBE genetic data sharing system & HEBE service app (beta) release
  • Provision of DNA test & analysis services in HEBE hospital network and HEBE medical clinics
2020 Q2
  • HEBE GBC (Genetic Blockchain Cluster) Launching
  • HEBE Clinics expansion with global partnership (ASIA & Middle East)
  • Personalized Foods & Nutrition Service for early adaptor
2020 Q3
  • HEBE Service Public Launching
2020 Q4
  • HEBE GeneBank APIs public open
  • Personalized Cosmetic service for early adaptor
2021 Q1
  • HEBE partnership interface & expansion
2021 Q2
  • AI based HEBE Gene Analysis Service Launching
  • Globalization of HEBE Clinics & gene-based medical services
Never as good as our

Team of Experts

  • Dr. Tony YS Park
    • Board-certified plastic surgeon (MD), SNU1
    • Founder of Dream Medical Group
    • Regular member of KSPRS2 and KSAPS3
  • Dr. WJ Park
    • Board-certified plastic surgeon (MD), SNU
    • Founder of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group
    • Regular member of KSPRS1 and KSAPS2
  • Dr. JS Barn
    • Board-certified plastic surgeon (MD), SNU
    • Cofounder of Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic
    • Invited Professor, Dept of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, SNU Hospital
  • Dr. CH Oh
    • Board-certified plastic surgeon (MD), SNU
    • Cofounder of Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic
    • Advisory Committee, Dept of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, SNU Hospital
  • Jin Yong Lee
  • Seong Won Ahn, CEO
    • Genesis Group CIO
    • EGF Venture Capital CEO
    • Hyundai Economy Research Institute
  • Hawon Chung, COO
    • Former COO of Blue Whale Foundation
    • Former CEO of ChainTOB
    • Country Manager, Elastic
    • Sales Manager, Splunk
    • Sales on Representative, Oracle
    • Programs & Strategic, Sun Microsystems
  • HJ Choi, Ph.D., CTO
    • Former CTO of Blue Whale Foundation
    • Computer Science (PhD), Cambridge Univ.
    • Head of Adv. Platform Lab, Samsung
    • Technical Staff of Mars Polar Lander Project, NASA, USA
  • YongWook Kwon, CMO
    • Board-certified Doctor (MD), SNU
    • CEO of AG Clinic
    • Auditor General, Korean Association of Stem Cell & Tissue Regeneration
    • Honorary President, Korea Association of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Choongsoo Park,
    Ph.D., Legal Counsel
    • Attorney at Law (JD), Boston Univ.
    • President of SPH America, LLC/WiAV Solutions, LLC/Sol IP, LLC (Vienna, VA)
    • Former Executive Vice President of Intellectual Discovery, Co., Ltd.

HEBE Tokens & Benefits

HEBE tokens are created for the purpose of use by network participants to facilitate the ecosystem of personalized medical services in an easier, more convenient and beneficial way. With HEBE’s reward system within the ecosystem and the buyback mechanism based on asset values, HEBE’s token economy is designed to minimize risks for all participants in the network with high liquidity and stability.


HEBE GeneBank
By gathering personal genomic data and constantly updating the matching phenotype data, GeneBank will be the database to lay the basis for scientific research and analysis, and personalized treatments and remedies in the HEBE ecosystem.
HEBE Cosmetics & Supplements
Analysis of personal genomic data can be applied in managing various aspects of a person’s health, including skin condition, obesity, and nutrition. HEBE will provide a variety of cosmetic and supplementary products to fit the needs corresponding to individual genomic test results.
HEBE Clinics
While offering existing esthetics services like botox and laser treatments, HEBE Clinics will also offer genetically targeted HEBE products as well as care in wellness & health and esthetics. HEBE Clinics are to be located in numerous cities across the world, for better accessibility.
HEBE BioTech
HEBE will research and develop personalized medical drugs and treatments using various biotechnology techniques, such as machine learning for genetic analyses and precision medical devices. The customized products aim for more reliable outcomes, less side effects, and reduced costs and development time.
By offering administrative, operative, financial and technological services to hospitals and clinics in the HEBE ecosystem, HEBE MSO endeavors to provide efficient and cost-effective tools and services to bring our partnering healthcare systems a greater success.
HEBE Investment
HEBE will make investments in businesses, startups, and solution providers that will stabilize, strengthen and expand the HEBE ecosystem. We believe such investments in potential partners and opportunities can increase reciprocal trust and motivation.

40,000,000 USD

Funding Amount


Total Tokens
Use of Funds
  • 15%Service & App Development
  • 15%Marketing & Operation
  • 10%DNA Data Gathering
  • 10%HEBE Clinics
  • 50%Investment
Token Allocation
  • 50%Token Sales
  • 25%Company Reserved
  • 10%Co-Founders
  • 10%Partners & Community
  • 5%Team & Advisors